Welcome to your .NET Practice Test - 6

If a class “math” had an “add” property with get and set accessors, then which of the following statements will work correctly?

What will be the output of this code snippet?

class sample { int i; double k; public sample (int ii, double kk) { i = ii; k = kk; double j = (i) + (k); Console.WriteLine(j); } ~sample() { double j = i - k; Console.WriteLine(j); } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { sample s = new sample(9, 2.5); } }

Which of the following statements is incorrect about delegate?

The data members of a class by default are?

The space required for structure variables is allocated on the stack

The default scope a type is?

Reference is a _?

Choose the wrong statement about properties used in C#.Net?

Abstract class contains what?

Which of the following is incorrect about constructors?

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