Welcome to your .NET Practice Test - 6

The space required for structure variables is allocated on the stack

Reference is a _?

Which of the following statements is incorrect about delegate?

The data members of a class by default are?

What will be the output of this code snippet?

class sample { int i; double k; public sample (int ii, double kk) { i = ii; k = kk; double j = (i) + (k); Console.WriteLine(j); } ~sample() { double j = i - k; Console.WriteLine(j); } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { sample s = new sample(9, 2.5); } }

If a class “math” had an “add” property with get and set accessors, then which of the following statements will work correctly?

Abstract class contains what?

The default scope a type is?

Which of the following is incorrect about constructors?

Choose the wrong statement about properties used in C#.Net?

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