Welcome to your UI Technologies Practice Test - 3

What if we put ++ operator inside if condition? find the output of below code

var a = 10; if(a == a++) document.write(a);

How ++ works in Javascript? Find output of below Javascript code.

var a = 10; document.write(a++); document.write(a);

____________ is the tainted property of a window object.

Find output of below code

var a = '10'; var b = a = 20; document.write(a+b);

The _______ method of an Array object adds and/or removes elements from an array.

Which tag(s) can handle mouse events in Netscape?

To set up the window to capture all Click events, we use which of the following statement?

To enable data tainting, the end user sets the _________ environment variable.

Find the output of below for loop in Javascript

for(var i=0;i<5;i++) { document.write(i++); }

What is the output of following Javascript?

var a = 'cpp'; var b = 'buzz'; var c = a/b; document.write(c);

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