Welcome to your .Net Practice Test -2

In which of the following folder source code such as class, dataset etc. are stored?

Which web server control is used to display advertisements in ASP.NET Webpage?

Which protocol is used to transfer files from local host to remote host?

In ASP.NET applications “dll” files are stored in which folder?

Which of the following is a common property of Web Server control’s that assign’s a small piece of text when a mouse pointer is held over the control for a short period of time?

Using which type of style of style sheet we can change the style of an element in the entire website?

Which of the following is not an ASP.NET Page Events?

Which web server is developed by Microsoft?

By using which of the following web server control data can be retrieved from a relational database?

Which commands are used to specify settings of an “.aspx” file?

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