Welcome to your .NET Practice Test - 4

Match the following List 1 to List 2?

a. Web Form i. “.ascx” b. Web User Control ii. “.asmx” c. Web Service iii. “.master” d. Master Page iv. “.aspx”

You want to make a configuration setting change that will affect only the current Web application. Which file will you change?

At which level Theme can be applied?

Which control is required of every AJAX page to manage the JavaScript files sent to the client and the communication between client and server?

Which of the following is a valid skin code inside a skin file?

Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net.

Which control is required inside of a content page to reference “ContentPlaceHolder” control in Master Page?

Which programming model should you implement if you want to separate your server-side code from your client-side layout code in a Web page?

Which property will you set for each RadioButton Control in the group?

Which of the following statements about referencing master page methods and properties is true?

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